The Wigner fusion team and the German stellarator

The Wigner fusion team and the German stellarator

At first hearing, it may sound like a bad sci-fi movie title but the story is very real and serious. A team of Wigner fusion spent the last 3 weeks at the world’s largest stellarator device, W7-X, to install a new, fully Hungarian developed equipment for the German beast. Dr. Gábor Anda, project manager, Tibor Krizsanóczi electrical engineer, Sándor Hegedűs physicist and Domonkos Nagy mechanical engineer.

The most exciting moment was the lifting of the injector to its final place in the torus hall. After two weeks detailed testing in-situ (in a close laboratory) it was great to see
that our diagnostic became a part of this impressive experiment. This way, at least, partly, our team became the members of the local professional team.”

Said, Dr. Gábor Anda, project leader after returning home and continued:
„It was amazing to see how a machine like this with this size can work at all. Everybody knew exactly what his job is and did it perfectly. That’s how
a professional team works.”


Lifting the diagnostics

For Sándor Hegedűs, the biggest experience was to see W7-X itself:

Until now I didn’t have the pleasure to see a fusion device in real life. The sight was fantastic and amazing. After that, every time I went in the W7-X torus hall I was impressed by the gigantic equipment and the huge amount of diagnostic system on it, as well. I still wonder how man can build such a device?!”

Sándor Hegedüs and Dr. Gábor Anda in front of W7-X

Domonkos Nagy also said that the craning was the most exciting moment for him as well:

Although we knew that was a well-planned and safe action, we were watching worriedly our large system hanging on a rope. It was a great relief to see it arriving to its final place successfully.”

Moving the diagnostics to W7-X torus hall

Then he finished:

„It is a pleasure that we can contribute to the successful progress of the fusion research on one of the most modern fusion device in the World.”

You can read more about the diagnostics preparation and shipping here.