Fusion, Sziget festival, 2017

Fusion, Sziget festival, 2017

In the last decade it became a traditon that researchers and engineers of the Wigner Physics Research Center left the keyboards, screwdrivers behind, leaving the comfort of labs and go the Sziget festival to tell young people from all over the world about nuclear fusion.

At the festival, the Hungarian Nuclear Society’s Youth for Nuclear Energy and Fusion Group jointly promoted the presence and future of nuclear technology and the European fusion research program.

Visitors in front of the nuclear tent, Sziget 2017

We made a lot of interesting photos about the life of the tent and visitors, from which you can see some of them here as well as a short video that you can see below.

This year almost 500 people came to us in the tent to fill out our questionnaires, from which we made some interesting charts.

Fusion questionnaire fillers by country, darker blue means more filler to that country

Fusion questionnaire fillers by age

We hope that next year we will meet as many people as this year and talk about our work. Goodbye (hopefully) at Sziget 2018!